Creative Technic

CREATIVE TECHNIC has developed, designed, and manufactured plastic products for the precast concrete industry since 2008.

Our mission is quality plastic products, designed to perform with the best functionality and made using the best raw materials for the tasks.

All CREATIVE TECHNIC products are made in Denmark. Our production is flexible, and we can quickly adapt to our customers’ needs if a product’s raw material composition needs to be changed.

We pay much attention to the design of our products, and they fit the majority of sizes in the category they belong. The designs are also paramount when it comes to packaging, storage and transportation in order to achieve the best possible logistic.

To help protect the environment we use regenerated materials wherever possible.


Jan Linnebjerg
CEO, Product Design & Inventor

+4‭5 26 24 65 66

Jan has more than 30 years of experience with innovation, raw materials, and production methods. Due to the skills Jan has as a developer and inventor, he always works in close dialogue with the customers. A method that has proven successful in so many cases.


Claus Winther

+45 20 30 48 58

Responsible for sales to customers outside Denmark. Working as a company director for many years, he has an extensive experience with export sales and production, and also within product development.