CT 22 End Cap

The CT 22 End Cap is easy and quick to fit into the circular channels on a hollow core slab. The CT 22 End Caps can be stacked and are easy to separate from one another. The CT 22 efficiently stops the concrete flow 60mm inside the core Channel. CT 22 End Cap is UV-light resistant

  • fits to 200/220mm hollow core slabs with circular channels
  • easy to fit into the channels
  • the design ensures the end caps are easy to separate from one another and are therefore quick to use when fitted
  • has a depth of 60mm into the channel
  • is delivered on EUR pallet in 2 boxes totalling 10.000 units (2 x 5.000)
  • saves on warehouse space and saves on transport cost
  • standard colour black
  • made from regenerate PP (PolyPropylene)
  • UV-light resistant

End Cap / Plug
End Cap / Plug