Masonry AccessoriesCT Wall Vent

Wall Vent for brick joints in masonry – ventilates and drains. Front grille can be replaced
  • size 106 mm x 58 mm x 12 mm (16mm)
  • provides good ventilation of the cavity wall to minimize the risk of fungal and moisture attack
  • provides pressure equalization in the cavity wall so that a significant moisture coating is avoided
  • ensures quick dry out of the cavity wall
  • ensures optimal water drainage, e.g. in case of hard rain
  • quick and easy to install even in existing constructions
  • front grille prevents insects and mice from penetrating
  • front grille can be replaced
  • standard colour light grey – other colours can be ordered
  • made in recycled PA (Poly Amid)
  • UV-light resistant (long life)
Studsfuge Ventil