CT Panel Pads

The egg tray

Double Panel Pad – for precast concrete units during storage
Double Panel Pad – lovingly known as “the egg tray”

  • 158mm x 58mm x 8mm
  • suitable for both horizontal and vertical use
  • prevents breaking, cracking and chipping of precast concrete and prestressed concrete units during storage
  • prevents discolouring on the concrete units
  • can be used flat or folded double to create a larger separation between precast concrete products
  • air vent design allows air to circulate against the face of the panel
  • can also be used to protect other finished surfaces
  • standard colour natural
  • manufactured using recycled materials which helps to save our environment
  • can be screwed or nailed into wood
  • UV-light resistant

Double Panel Pad
Double Panel Pad
Double Panel Pad